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Rifra Complex

Четверг 9 июня 2022

Creativity, innovation and technology find their synthesis in Rifra Complex. The idea behind the product is to simplify the management of the production cycle, each single Complex is in fact customized according to the customer’s needs and is carefully developed, taking into consideration the final use reserved for the manufactured product in order to guarantee […]

Rifracycle, products on recycled resins

Пятница 3 июня 2022

Thanks to the experience gained over the years in identifying and solving intrinsic technical problems linked to the use of recycled products and, last but not least, to the growing awareness that plastic recycling is one of the most effective solutions for reducing environmental impact, the use of post-consumer materials is becoming increasingly popular. We […]

Rifra’s commitment to sustainability

Понедельник 23 мая 2022

At Rifra we firmly believe in the concept of responsible development, in fact, aware of the importance of the role we play as an industrial reality, we have always tried to do our part, investing as much as possible in the world of sustainability. Sustainability represents the adoption of an approach, both human and working, […]

Replacing metal with plastic: is it possible to reduce the environmental impact by using technopolymers?

Вторник 15 февраля 2022

Plastic is the main material used for the production of the most disparate consumer goods according to their technical and structural characteristics, which allow more resistant, lighter and more versatile solutions to be developed, but above all at lower costs. However, even today, many processes involve the use of metal materials instead of plastic, justifying […]

Titanium Dioxide status

Понедельник 18 октября 2021

Where we were, where we are… where we’ll be? Friday October 1st, 2021 passed out like a classic early-autumn day: you get out from work, find yourself hit by the last warm ray of light and you think that, after all, winter seems still quite far away. It seemed naturally the comparison with the “Titanium […]

RIFRAGREEN Same functionality — differently sustainable!

Пятница 7 мая 2021

Get out the compass! In what is now an endless sea of possibilities, we risk losing our bearings and getting confused. So let’s get out the compass and, before we set off, let’s plot our route. The importance of the environmental impact is now well established; both in our daily choices and, as industry insiders, […]

RIFRANIR — are designed to facilitate the sorting of post-consumption plastics

Понедельник 12 апреля 2021

Plastic recycling in numbers: 41.5% — 69.3% — 13/27 — 45%! In January this year, data on Europe’s capacity to recycle plastics coming from separate waste collection were published on the Eurostat website. Data relating to the 2008-2018 ten-year period show that, on average, 41.5% of plastic packaging waste was recycled out of all that […]

RIFRACYCLE — Making the most of post-consumer products

Понедельник 8 марта 2021

…starting from the end! Currently, when talking about recycling as material recovery, there are two main distinctions to be made: Mechanical Recycling, in which waste is reprocessed by mechanical processes into flakes or granules that can be reused to produce new items. Chemical Recycling, which restores the base monomer by breaking down the polymers that […]

RIFRA ULTRATECH Can thermoplastics replace metal?

Понедельник 8 февраля 2021

… what if the answer is yes? Let’s take it one step at a time: within the family of technopolymers, the category of superpolymers has, in specific applications, replaced the use of metals and, in general, materials such as glass, ceramics, etc., with clear benefits.   Let’s look at some examples: Structural components of engines: […]

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