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Warehouse and logistics

Our warehouses are organised to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic market thanks to a perfectly-structured logistics system.

Arrivals and shipments are scheduled day-by-day with planning defined and communicated in advance by the relevant departments (Purchasing, Logistics).

Each product in our warehouses is traceable via a barcode that speeds up the search for the various products, organised in advance by the operator.

Raw materials and finished products are distributed throughout 3 distinct warehouses and stored by type of material: additives, pigments, finished products, and polymers. Each product is identified by a lot number and an internal code.

In the event that other departments, especially Laboratory and Production, need to collect material, the search for the positions of the various products is carried out automatically. Should they be found in points inaccessible to the single operator, the warehouse worker collects the pallet and renders the goods available.

For both incoming and outgoing goods, the warehouse carefully checks that all information on the transport documents corresponds to the external appearance of the goods, confirms the integrity of the material and, for incoming raw materials, prepares any samples for quality control, before proceeding with the arrangement of the goods in the designated warehouses.


In the name of competence and professionalism, our packaging is not a simple service.

Attention to and care of customer needs along with a detailed study of materials are the elements that allow us to offer individual solutions for our packaging.

We have multiple packaging solutions:

  • plastic bags with valve or open mouth
  • opaque and/or transparent plastic bags
  • big bags
  • aluminium bags
  • octabins


The standard packaging of our bags is 25 kg but it is possible to pack on request in 20 kg packages to meet the needs expressed by the market, relative to the prevention of health and safety in the manual handling of loads.

We also offer the possibility of custom labels.

Rifra manages standard palletisation on wooden pallets and on request upon:

  • EUR-pallets (EPAL)
  • Plastic pallets
  • Pallets compliant with ISPM-15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures)


Raw material safety stock

The stock is defined on the basis of the monthly consumption of the product and the production commitments. This facilitates management of the production of plastic materials with flexibility and on time, in line with market demands.

It is a dynamic value, verified monthly and linked to production and customer requests.


Finished product safety stock

For customers who so request, Rifra can manage minimum stocks of products in order to be able to guarantee deliveries in a short time.

Series of products                 Stock available

Custom-made products       Stock agreed upon with the customer

Scheduled order                   Maximum withdrawal within 3 months


Deliveries are regularly monitored, through real-time traceability systems, made available via the logistics suppliers. At any time, it is possible to determine the status of the goods so that the customer may be constantly informed.

We deliver all over the world, to both EU and non-EU areas, reaching any destination via land, sea and/or air transport.


Express deliveries

With our express delivery, we are able to offer a prompt and flexible service, delivering both laboratory samples and small production batches in a few hours.

This applies for both Italy and abroad.

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