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Management and Human Resources

Management Responsibilities

In addition to ensuring an adequate organisation and the necessary economic and financial resources, the Company Management analyses the corporate processes and has adopted an Organisational Model for Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management, documented according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 standards, with reference to the field of application of the design, production, development and marketing of masterbatches.

It coordinates, guides and ensures the management’s commitment to the functioning of the Integrated Management System, which must be shared by all interested parties and transmitted in a clear and transparent way to the organisation, through effective communication.

This is proposed to ensure that each service provided aligns with the Integrated Policy and with:

  • the authorities and institutions, through strict compliance with the regulations in force;
  • customers/users, satisfying their expressed and implicit needs;
  • employees and collaborators, involving them in the implementation of corporate policies and ensuring the development of their professional skills;
  • suppliers, encouraging them to offer a service that complies with the specific quality, environmental and health and safety requirements;
  • citizens, to whom compliance with high quality standards of the service provided is guaranteed, whilst keeping any environmental impacts deriving from the activities managed by the organisation under control.

Effort is put into spreading the culture of workplace and environmental safety, aiming for the utmost satisfaction of the interested parties (staff, trade unions, neighbouring communities, etcetera).

Measurable objectives, the relative implementation plan and the process indicators aimed at verifying their achievement are defined annually, through the preparation of tables and indicators drawn up in collaboration with the Head of the Integrated Management System, along with the subsequent definition of the objectives of the goals discussed with and monitored by the relevant managers.

Such indicators are periodically analysed by the Management and during the review of the Integrated System.

Human Resources

In order to continuously acquire and improve the knowledge necessary for the proper conduct of corporate activities within a constantly-changing market, a series of actions are envisaged aimed at:

  • carefully selecting new staff to be included in the company;
  • evaluating the technical knowledge, experience and hard and soft skills acquired prior to onboarding;
  • defining the skills for each function in unison with the Area Managers;
  • defining a project of growth for each person, in each department;
  • organising training and updating programmes;
  • monitoring pathways for growth and relative targets achieved;
  • training personnel in specific tasks and keeping them up to speed;
  • keeping an updated record of courses and assessments of skills and qualification levels achieved;
  • improving the involvement and awareness of personnel in pursuit of the objectives of workplace and environmental safety;
  • maintaining an adequate level of professionalism for the application of the IMS in the company.

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