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The laboratory is Rifra’s heart, boasting the presence of expert technicians and chemists who constantly set themselves new objectives in striving towards excellence. The laboratory is equipped with technologically-advanced tools capable of simulating the main industrial applications, guaranteeing the safety and maximum sustainability of the supply chain.

Although divided into specific areas, there is constant involvement and communication with other company areas, specifically:

Research & Development

  • Keeps Rifra in step with the innovations of basic and applied research;
  • Is constantly updated on the various technological and regulatory areas;
  • Evaluates and promotes solutions towards innovation and sustainability;
  • In collaboration with Design, carefully selects and chooses raw materials in synergy with the Purchasing and Regulatory department;
  • Constantly updates product specifications by seeking new and high-performance quality standards;
  • Informs the Sales department about the new solutions developed by the laboratory.


  • Creates multiple products developed ad hoc to meet the specific needs of our customers;
  • Works in synergy with the Regulatory team to also handle all regulatory aspects;


  • The direct link between Design and Production, guaranteeing that that which has been studied with the customer and approved in prototype form corresponds in terms of quality with that to be realised in industrial scale up.

Quality Control

  • Constantly focused on verifying the quality standards established by Rifra, in regards to its raw materials and those shared with customers for the products that Rifra manufactures, ensuring that such always correspond to expectations;
  • Is involved in conducting chemical-physical analyses on plastics, dyes, additives, and so forth, in the context of individual projects;
  • Carries out a detailed control over the entire production chain to guarantee constant quality standards over time.


How we operate