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Range and Solutions

A world of colours for all uses faithfully reproducible over time
A range of additives formulated to meet all your process and product needs
Creativity, innovation, technology find their perfect combination in Complex Rifra

Brands in the Rifra World of Colours

RIFRABIO®                     Certified  biodegradable and compostable masters

RIFRABIO BASE              Masters supported on non-certified Bio carriers

RIFRACRIL®                     Masters for “PMMA” Methacrylates

RIFRACYCLE                    Masters made with recycled polymers

RIFRAFORM®                  Masters for acetal “POM”

RIFRAGREEN                 Masters supported on polymers from renewable sources

RIFRAMID®                      Masters for “PA” polyamides

RIFRAPAPER®                Master made on HDPE as an alternative to paper

RIFRAPRENE®              Master for Rubber “SBS, SEBS”

RIFRASAN®                     Master for SAN, ABS, ASA

RIFRASPERS®               Monopigment masters

RIFRASTER®                   Master for polyester “PET”

RIFRASTIR®                    Master for “PS” polystyrene

RIFRASULF                      Master for polysulfone and / or polyether sulphone “PSU,PESU”

RIFRATAN®                     Master for “PU” polyurethanes

RIFRATEK®                      Master for “PC” polycarbonates

RIFRATENE®                   Master for polyolefins “LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP”

RIFRAULTRATECH        Master for the family of special polymers that print above                                           350°C utilised mainly as a “metal replacement”

RIFRAVINIL®                   Master for “PVC” polyvinyl chloride

Brands in the Rifra Word of Additives