More than 40 years ago, the Rampa family established Rifra Masterbatches SpA, which grew to become one of the main Italian companies in the production of colour, additives and complex masterbatches on the Italian and European market.

The human and entrepreneurial values of company founder Augusto Rampa have been handed down, received and proudly carried forward by his children who work in the company. With the change in generation in 2008, the company decided to make significant modification to the organisation and structure of its staff, setting up a horizontal structure for each department and creating transversal synergies between the various managers.

With the sudden change in the markets and relative challenges, the company has embarked on a path of targeted investments aimed at the selection and insertion of new skills, necessary for the evolution of services, with adequate soft skills ready to face new challenges whilst contributing to the production of greater added value.

Rifra has always believed and invested in the growth and culture of the person, convinced that people are the main assets of the company, a patrimony that – if well-oriented, inspired and motivated – is able to actively contribute its own identity and effort to the pursuit of corporate objectives and to the development of the company.

In 2020, Rifra acquired a majority shareholding of the company Teknomast in Legnano (MI), following a long and fruitful collaboration that began in 2006.

The cultural and professional exchange between the two companies not only confirms the soundness of the project but also allows each company to make the most of its unique features, to offer the market specific solutions with a high quality and service content both in Italy and abroad.
This is a further step towards an increasingly-effective and structured integrative enhancement to face the new challenges of the market.


Each day, our great ambition is to grow and become not merely “better workers” but better people, in order to contribute to a better world.

Brand identity

“It is the time of people ‘in the making’ – like our own company – who never take their role for granted but who reinvent themselves each day to face new challenges, to give their best in dealing with the changing needs of the market.”