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The RIFRABIO® All Color was created to meet the needs of those markets that produce plastic items and that, like us, are conscious of their disposal.

Products made using RIFRABIO® All Color feature an objective quality: compostability, which means they can be disposed of as organic waste, and therefore ensure lower environmental impact.

Each product made from these masterbatches can be safely disposed of in household waste sacks or used in the production of waste bags intended for organic waste collection.

In order to be compostable, a material must be biodegradable and must disintegrate within the time periods fixed by industrial composting plants, the requirements of which are listed in the directive EN13432.

The product must also be compatible with a composting process, i.e. it must not release hazardous substances nor alter the quality of the compost produced.

The main difference between compostable and biodegradable basically lies in the relative time scales of degradation and the waste remaining at the end of industrial composting.

Our aim is to encourage domestic composting and reduce waste for a more sustainable life.

The products of this range comply with the standard UNI EN 13432 (requirements for packaging disposable through composting and biodegradation).

The application of the “OK Compost’” logo is only authorised when the product has been certified.
The logo displays a unique number that identifies the Licensee responsible for the finished product and ensures the traceability of the product on the market.

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