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Mini-granule and Micro-granule colour masterbatches

On specific request we produce colour masterbatches in mini-granule and/or micro-granule format to produce an extensive range of fittings, hoses and special parts that allow you to address any problems connected with colouring rigid PVC pipes for the building sector.

The main applications are:
– linear drainpipes and curved joints
– plumbing pipes and/or industrial sewage pipes

Depending on the use, masterbatches in this category are characterised by a high fluidity, if necessary, or a medium fluidity.
Their compatibility with rigid PVC is also optimal.

Amongst the colours we produce, the most requested are:
Grey RAL 7037
Orange brown RAL 8023
Orange RAL 2003

We can also produce particular masterbatches for PVC fittings to be used in pipes that carry fluids up to 16 bar at 20° C.

This range of products can also be made suitable for contact with drinking water or other food/drink related fluids, in accordance with current standards.

We also produce mini-granule and/or micro-granule coloured masterbatches for special applications in the field of techno-polymer compounds.