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Augusto RAMPA

Augusto Rampa tells his story

Born in Bergamo in 1943, Augusto’s education focused on chemistry. He started his professional career in 1962 in the petrochemical industry, where he quickly became responsible for the polystyrene, crystal and shockproof polymerisation unit. Following a purely technical training period, he choose to devote himself to sales with a company dealing with pigments and additives for plastics.

In the 1970s, the plastics industry was evolving at great speed. Indeed, evolutionary systems and processes were devised in terms of the colouring and additives for plastic materials.
And it is thanks to his strong entrepreneurial intuition that Augusto Rampa was able to perceive this positive moment for the market. Hence, in 1978, he decided to go his own way, giving life to Rifra Masterbatches.

From the idea of writing a book on the forty years since founding Rifra, a collaboration was born with the writer Gianni Farinetti, who was able to create a biography or two-penned autobiography in which Augusto’s formative journey took shape, from a small-town boy to an esteemed entrepreneur.

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